Sell Chocolates to earn more for your school or non-profit!

Did you know that Betsy Ann Chocolates offers a variety of fundraising opportunities to help your organization earn money? We certainly do!

Each of our fundraising programs are designed to help you earn needed funds for your school, organization or non-profit. We understand how vital fundraising is to help fill the gap for classroom needs, school sports, band and other enrichment programs, non-profit efforts, and much more.

With Betsy Ann Chocolates Fundraisers, your profit margins will be higher, because people LOVE our chocolates! When you have a great product to sell combined with a great cause behind it, people will buy it.

We have several programs to fit a variety of needs. Check out our Fundraising page to learn more.

We promise:

  • No minimum orders
  • Generous profit margins
  • Reorders quickly filled
  • Free local delivery on 24+ boxes
  • Top-quality products that practically sell themselves
  • Easily the best, easiest and most fun fundraising opportunity

If you have any questions about our Fundraising Programs, please get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions and help you place an order.

— Betsy Ann Chocolates