Easter Basket Candy Fillers
Our ultra rich milk chocolate, molded into little eggs and wrapped in a vibrant colorful foil for Easter.
A coconut patty made with milk chocolate and fresh coconut, then decorated with a marshmallow peep or bunny
Malted milk candy, covered in chocolate, then coverd with a colorful robins egg shell
All black jelly beans with anise flavor.
Our famous melt in your mouth meltaway centers, elegantly presented in fancy gold cups, and seasonally hand decorated.
Little chocolate bunnies, made from our ultra rich milk chocolate and wrapped in colorful foil for Easter.
Petite gourmet fruit flavored pectin jelly beans. Including cherry, grape, lemon, lime, orange and strawberry. Each bean is bursting with intense fruit flavors.
Fruit flavored jellies coated in sugar, in the shapes of rabbits and chicks.
Large Spice Jelly Beans